Hillsong LIVE’s Cornerstone album review

Posted on July 4, 2012 at 7:49 pm by Ruben Remy No Comment

Hillsong music is known and appreciated by young and old. In almost every church Hillsong music is used and no wonder. Hillsong music resonates with the hearts of many and I even know people who don’t believe, but still love Hillsong music.

Cornerstone is the name of the new Hillsong LIVE album and is released on the 3th of this Month. Before I went to work I just had to buy the deluxe edition quickly on iTunes. I’ve listened to the album the whole day and it doesn’t bore. That’s a good thing to start.

Cornerstone Deluxe Edition features the 15 live songs, 3 studio versions, a preaching by Brian Houston and the Cornerstone LP. The Cornerstone LP includes pictures of the concert which was held last year as well as the song story and lyrics. When you click-through the LP it feels like watching the menu of a DVD which is kinda cool.

The album starts up beat with “Endless Light”. The second song called Beneath the Waters (I will rise) is a great song about coming to Christ where the process of salvation is broken down into the revelation of Christ Jesus crucified, salvation  through repentance, the forgiveness of sin and the choice for baptism to rise up as new creation. If you have listened to the song a couple of times you won’t easily forget it. It’s a great song that sticks very well in the mind of the listener.

The third song on the album is Cornerstone which is written by Reuben Morgan in response to a tragedy which occurred in Scandinavia while he was visiting Scandinavia.

The confession is that no matter what we are facing in life – Christ alone is the foundation and the cornerstone that our lives can be build upon. – Reuben Morgan

The song Cornerstone doesn’t sound very new. The melody is quite standard, but the text is strong and the text together with a basic melody makes is very suitable for singing the song in a church setting for all ages.

It’s difficult to pick favorite songs. But there surely are songs which really stick with me throughout the day. Especially the chorus of songs like “Greater Than All”, “Beneath the Waters” and  “Love so High” make them great.

The chorus of Greater Than All says:

Our God has done great things. Our God is greater than all.

When I listen to that I can’t help but think about the great things God has done in my life and that makes this song real to me. God has done great things in my life and the lives of many of my fellow believers of whom I know their testimonies. My wish is that this song will be sung in church.

God has done great things and Hillsong has done a great thing with their new album Cornerstone. Even though the album is not as up beat as the previous album “God is Able” , I’m happy with the purchase and I can assure you the album won’t disappoint.