Hi there! First of all thanks for showing interest in what I write on the blog about life, faith and the work I do.

Because you already know my name you likely came to this page to get to know a bit more about me.


In life we all discover. We travel and get to know people, we read, listen to music and do a lot more. The more interesting stories, music and books I love to share on this blog in greater detail than is possible on Facebook or Twitter.


I am a devoted follower of Christ and as passionate Christian I love to inspire other Christians as well as provoking discussions about things believers go through or thoughts I have about being a follower of the teaching and person Jesus Christ. I love God’s Word and I experience God in my life, both I will share on this blog.


I work at Adwise Internetmarketing in Almelo as search engine optimization specialist. Daily I’m busy making the sites of our clients rank higher in Google. I’m fortunate to really like the work I do and I must admit SEO has been my hobby long before it became my full-time job. Though seeing the search engine rankings of our clients websites rise has become normal to me, I still love to improve in SEO by both learning about new techniques and tools as well as discovering and coming up with new ideas myself. Especially things I do or use which I’ve not seen yet on other sites I love to share with the SEO community.

Although the SEO community is used to have secrets I believe the world is big enough to be able to share knowledge without it being a disadvantage or a losing of an edge. Together we learn and build on each others idea’s and experiences to build an industry most people in the world aren’t even aware of.